Pelosi single-handedly caused tensions between China and Taiwan to increase significantly, all in an attempt to gain political points from her arrogant moral grandstanding.
Our government seems to be abusing its power and violating our rights through any agency it can, using any excuse it can find.
There are some very valid critiques of these governments that the President will almost surely overlook during this trip.
The issue of abortion is too complex and our country is too large for a one-size-fits-all approach.
Most good faith ideas to resolve this issue inevitably get absorbed by heated political debates and culture war rhetoric
Acknowledging the potential negative consequences of sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine does not mean you can’t feel sympathy for the…
The potential of this movement to help reign in our unconstitutional foreign policy cannot be overstated.
The dangers of this “Ministry of Truth” are the same no matter who is in power, and even if you support it today, you may come to regret it tomorrow.
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